Choosing the correct class

We accept children from 2 1/2 years for pre-school ballet at the start of the academic year in August. For enrolments later in the same year the joining age changes as the year progresses. For example by January/February in the academic year children aged 2 1/2 would be too young to join in that year and they would need to wait until the following August.

When you click to enrol, you will be directed to our online database which will allow you to register a new account. Classes that have spaces available and are open for intake will allow you to enrol. Closed classes and those with no availability will not permit you to enrol and will either hold you on a waiting list or promt you to contact the office.

New students should enrol in a class with their own age peer group, where practical and possible. It is not common practise for us to offer or move children in to classes out with their own peer group in the interests of maintaining clear progression and to accommodate the requirements set by the external examination boards.

Please note it may be neccessary for us to close any part of the school for intake for a period of time due to exams and school shows.

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