Choosing the correct class

Before you submit an enrolment enquiry, please read the following information

The age groups below will help you to choose the right class. We accept children from 2 1/2 years but only at the start of the academic year in August. For enrolments later in the same year the joining age changes as the year progresses. For example by January/February in the academic year children aged 2 1/2 would be too young to join in that year and they would need to join a waiting list for the following year starting in August.

Please note the age brackets below give an approximate guide. Students at higher levels taking multiple classes will obviously progress at their own speed and therefore can fall out with their age bracket indicated on this guide. The directors reserve the right to offer any class to any student.

New students will be placed in a class with their own age peer group, where practical and possible. It is not common practise for us to offer or move children in to classes out with their own peer group in the interests of maintaining clear progression and to accommodate the requirements set by the external examination boards.

Class Name (Ballet) Age Group Class Name (Jazz & Tap)
Pre-School 1 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 N/A
Pre-School 2 3 1/2 - 5 N/A
Primary 1 5 - 6 N/A
Primary 2 6 - 7 N/A
Grade 1 7 - 8 Intro 4
Grade 2 8 - 9 Intro 5
Grade 3 9 - 10 Intro 6
Grade 4 10 - 11 Pre-Bronze / Bronze
Grade 5 11 - 12 Bronze Bar / Silver
Junior Intermediate 13 - 15 Silver / Silver Bar
Intermediate 16+ Gold / Senior
Advanced 16+ Advanced
Adult Beginners 16+ Adult Tap
Other Classes
Highland Beginners class from aged 5 years
Highland Senior class teacher's discretion
Acro Dance classes from age 5 years
Musical Theatre class from age 7 years
Progressing Ballet Technique from age 9 years
Silver Swans Ballet from age 55 years
Junior Funk from age 5 to 7 years
Babies Drop-in class from 18 months (must be walking)

Joining classes above grade 4 level with no previous dance experience will require discussion with the school office and will be at the discretion of the school directors. We will where possible offer places but instant entry to the school may not be possible depending on exam sessions and school shows.

Please note it may be neccessary for us to close any part of the school for intake for a period of time due to exams and school shows.

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